Phil Coulson: “Did I fall asleep?”

Masseuse: “For a little while.”


Frolicking in the autumn leaves, this little lion cub is having the time of her life as she excitedly plays in her enclosure.

Tiny cub Karis proved she’s not too dissimilar to human children as she threw herself into the pile of golden leaves carefully collected by her keepers, even ending up with a pile on her head.

Staff at the Blair Drummond Safari Park, near Stirling, Scotland, had been raking up the leaves to keep the attraction tidy, when Karis’s keeper Brian Reid realised that his little charge might enjoy playing in them and moved the pile into her enclosure.

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"You either believe women are people or you don’t. It’s that simple." 

Joss Whedon’s speech at the Making Equality Reality event on November 4th